Fact-check the "fact-checkers". You have been lied to about vaccines and masks by the media and government. Check out the "100% censored; 0% debunked" movie series: PLANDEMIC . Masks don't work (like flies through a chain-link fence because virus is in nanometer- size) For REAL news, watch FrankSpeech.com, WorldviewWeekend.com, Americasvoice.com, "Stew Peters Network" and "ThriveTimeShow" on Rumble.com, or One America News. Don't be a Nazi. Follow Jesus.



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JESUS IS GREATER than public school religion

JESUS IS GREATER than America’s crises


Spiritual Awakening
Have you ever been part of a spiritual awakening (called Revival by some) on a large scale before? – Where the Word of God is proclaimed, and there is a conscious presence of God, and the gospel of Christ is shared? Where people come to Christ seemingly daily, and meetings last throughout the night? – sins being repented of, and God being embraced in His glorious attributes. One example of awakening is what took place on the Hebrides Islands, west of mainland Scotland, especially from 1949-52 (Peckham, Colin and Mary, Sounds from Heaven, Geanies House, Fearn, Scotland: Christian Focus Publications, 2004). America has had its share of people being awakened in its history by the powerful gospel…Have you been awakened?

What should people be awakened to? They should be awakened to God, Jesus, judgment, heaven, hell, salvation and freedom.

We yearn and long for an awakening in our county, region, state, in America, our continent, and the world.

God has been Maligned
SADLY, there have been too many bad examples of ministry- leaving people empty and tired of looking for REALITY, or a “good church”. OUR focus is GOD IN ALL OF HIS GLORIOUS ATTRIBUTES. He can never be boring. People either embrace him in genuine love and adoration, or they hide and distance themselves from God because they cannot tolerate His AWESOME HOLINESS (John 3:16 and following).

Enemy of slick, money-hungry preaching
We are the enemy of slick, money-hungry preaching. God is more than enough for the longing soul.

Hopeless Religion
Maybe you have noticed “traditional” forms of worship are dying (see Matthew’s article here: jesusiskingmission.com/blog/dying-dead-churches-new-report-by-gallup/ )

To the Older Generation
If you are older, maybe all you know about Christianity is Billy Graham (see Matthew’s article on Billy here: jesusiskingmission.com/blog/billy-graham-admired-and-the-troubling-statements/ )

This is God’s Mission
The King is coming, and Christianity is about truly knowing Him and being a part of His mission (the right side; the good side). It isn’t simply being part of a social group, entertainment event, or “being more positive”. Christianity is a war for the eternal souls of men and women (yours included).

We Are
JESUS IS KING MISSION is a mission organization near the Black Hills of western South Dakota (SD).

The mission exists to glorify God in the proper evangelisation of all people with the True, Biblical Christian Gospel (good news), and to help believers grow in their knowledge of the Truth.

We want to evangelize the nominal, traditional churches [Lutheran, Roman Catholic, United Methodist], Native Americans, “Christian” cults (Mormons, Jehovah Witnesses, Seventh Day Adventists), atheists/agnostics, the seeker friendly (sinner friendly) church movement, and the Word of Faith/Charismatic-idolatry movement (we are not opposed to the miraculous power of God!).

Local Churches
We desire to accomplish this evangelism by planting Biblically sound local churches in a Church (people who believe; not a building) network that worships, lives, studies, grows, and evangelizes together.

What we offer
We offer Sunday service at 11 AM Sundays at a location you can contact us for. Service includes a message of the Word of God, a time of prayer, Music, and fellowship.


Near Black Hills, SD. Ministry to Hot Springs, Custer, Mt. Rushmore, Badlands, Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, Rapid City, Ellsworth Air Force Base, Cowboys and Natives of the area