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Matthew Monfore

Matthew Monfore is called by God, and trained, as an Evangelist.

Matthew was born in Rapid City, South Dakota and raised in Hot Springs, SD. He has lived all but about 4 years (those were in Pierre, SD) of his life in Fall River County in western South Dakota.

Matthew wishes someone had shared with him the Truth about Jesus sooner; it would have saved him lots of pain. Yet, (Praise God!) he read the Biblical gospel in the Fall of 2011 when Matthew was a junior in high school. He grew up attending a Lutheran (Missouri Synod) church and private school, independent baptist and Bible chuch youth groups- and like many Millenials, was brainwashed by pornography (you weren’t a “man” if you didn’t watch it), lies, idol-worship (which can include professional athletes!), and false “christianity”. For articles on this topic by Matthew, check out articles on:

Pornography Endemic in America:

and Hollywood/ Commercial Athletics Brainwashing people jesusiskingmission.com/blog/how-hollywood-pornography-brainwashes-children/

Matthew was a sport-idolater (worshipper, not saying you can’t be active! But athletics in America have become religion!), whose life was “falling apart” when he encountered sport injuries and his dad was tragically misled by doctors into medications and treatment-resulting in poor health. Also, Matthew learned that his disappointments in life were dwarfed by the fact he would face God on Judgment Day. Would he go to Heaven or Hell?

Matthew repented (turned) from his sins and believed in the person and work (death, burial, and resurrection) of the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation. God gave Matthew a new heart- regeneration; was born again. With new desires to serve Christ, he has been involved in evangelism on the street, in jails, and on a Native American reservation.

Matthew’s evangelism in Living Waters/ Ray Comfort Ministry YouTube video by Evangelist Eddie Roman, “Life in Prison. Hope in Christ.” December 2018, LivingWaters.com

Matthew has been a caretaker to his dad for years, attended Bible school (2014-2017, school faltered into heresy; Truth v. Free Grace Heresy; which does not require repentance (a turning away from sin) as a condition of salvation (i.e. a drunkard, homosexual, porn-addict could be a “Christian”…), which is contradictory to the plain teaching of Scripture) , and worked various construction jobs. He rejoices in the salvation of his parents.

Ordination– Bible and History (Letter from C. H. Spurgeon – “Prince of Preachers”)

More of my testimony:

Favorite verses:
“Study to show yourself approved unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth” (2 Timothy 2:15).

Paul tells Timothy to “preach the Word” and be ready at all times (2 Timothy 4:2)

Paul tells Timothy to not let people “despise his youth” but to be an example of Christian purity (1 Timothy 4:12)

Matthew’s primary influences besides the Bible are:

  • Leonard Ravenhill – sermons and books (especially Why Revival Tarries) on holiness, prayer, and revival
  • Ray Comfort – sermons (especially “Hell’s Best Kept Secret”) and books (especially God has a Wonderful Plan for Your Life) and gospel tracts (booklets/ literature that are short and share the gospel) and evangelistic DVD’s
  • John MacArthur – sermons and books (especially The Gospel According to Jesus) which really helped Matthew in Bible school counter the “Free Grace Movement” heresy and extreme dispensationalism.
  • Paul Washer – sermons on family and Biblical manhood/womanhood; as well as his example in the Christian life
  • John Piper – Sermons on various topics (especially “Don’t Waste Your Life”)
  • Dr. Michael Brown- Book called Authentic Fire on the continuationist vs. cessationism debate on the gifts of the Holy Spirit.
  • Iain Murray’s biography of Dr. Martyn Lloyd Jones (2 volumes); these books set the standards for preaching and ministry Matthew wants to live by.
  • Mac Tomlinson’s biography of Leonard Ravenhill (In Light of Eternity).
  • Jonathan Goforth’s By My Spirit on the early 20th century revival in China
  • David Matthews’ I Saw the Welsh Revival on the 1904/05 Welsh Revival
  • Richard Wurmbrand, Founder of “Voice of the Martyrs”
  • VCY America Radio Station featuring Jim Schneider on Crosstalk (a daily call-in radio show) and Brannon Howse on WorldviewWeekend.

Matthew’s favorite Hymns:

  • “Here is Love” by William Rees, 1855; William Edwards, 1915, William Williams, 1744
    to the tune cymraeg by Robert Lowry, 1876.
  • “Immortal, Invisible” by Walter Chalmers Smith, 1867
    to the Welsh tune, from John Roberts’s “Caniadau y Cyssegr”, 1839