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Children at Risk: When a nation rejects God

By Matthew Monfore, April 20, 2021 photo above courtesy of Mike Snow of mikesnow.org

When parents become weighed down with sin and guilt; children are neglected. When children are neglected, parental responsibilities are relegated to the government- public schools. Besides coming to faith in Jesus Christ, we strongly recommend parents homeschool or place children in a Christian school (if available). We desire a country where children grow up learning about God’s love, not being raised by their video-game-box, internet sites/ television, and history teacher- coaches that teach little history but coach athletes.


Articles that affect children and the family by Matthew Monfore below:

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Public Education

Homeschooling Resources

Answers In Genesis: answersingenesis.org/homeschool/

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Report Child Abuse and Neglect
South Dakota Department of Social Services, Child Protection Services

Report Sexual Exploitation
National Center For Missing & Exploited Children: