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Truth v. Seventh-Day Adventism

By Matthew Monfore May 9th, 2021 photo above courtesy of Mike Snow at www.mikesnow.org

Seventh- Day AdventismBiblical Christianity
False Prediction of Christ
There was a failed prediction that Christ would return in 1843. When he didn’t, it was determined he moved to a 2nd phase of atoning ministry in 1844
Only God knows the day and the hour of Christ’s return– Mark 13:32
Investigative Judgment:
Jesus is investigating the lives of believers to see who will go to heaven
There is only 1 judgment in Revelation 20:11-15. God already knows who are His sheep (John10).
Sabbath (worship and rest on Saturday) is essential for Christians:The Sabbath is a “shadow”; not binding on Christians: Colossians 2:13-17; Romans 14;4-6; Galatians 4:9-11
Adventists are mixing Old Covenant teachings with New Covenant teachingsAdventists don’t keep all Sabbath laws
If the Sabbath law was really kept, Adventists would execute those who do not obey it – Exodus 35:2.

There are Sabbath years for land – Leviticus 25

There are to be burnt offerings on the Sabbath – Numbers 28:9-11.
Adventists believe Sunday worship is the mark of the beastThe Mark of the Beast is actually a number on the forehead and right hand (Revelation 13:16). To claim otherwise is to add to Scripture.
“Michael” is a title for JesusMichael was unable to rebuke Satan in Jude 9. Jesus can rebuke anyone because He is God, not an angel.
Satan is a “scapegoat” for Satan, meaning he has a part in the atoning of sin for believers Jesus bore the sins of believers in totality – 1 Peter 3:18.
Hell is not conscious and eternal, but “annihilation” – meaning people get burned up and no longer sufferPeople are conscious and suffer eternally in Hell
The words “day and night” are used to describe Hell (Rev. 14:11; 20:10). “Eternal” is used of “life” and “punishment” in Matthew 25:46. Who doubts heaven is a place of conscious eternal bliss? Then, why use a different meaning for punishment and Hell?