Fact-check the "fact-checkers". You have been lied to about vaccines and masks by the media and government. Check out the "100% censored; 0% debunked" movie series: PLANDEMIC . Masks don't work (like flies through a chain-link fence because virus is in nanometer- size) For REAL news, watch FrankSpeech.com, WorldviewWeekend.com, Americasvoice.com, "Stew Peters Network" and "ThriveTimeShow" on Rumble.com, or One America News. Don't be a Nazi. Follow Jesus.

Recommended Studies/Series

True Christianity
Highly Recommend “Behold Your God” with John Snyder on Biblical Christianity and True Revival: mediagratiae.org/behold-your-god-rethinking-god-biblically

Highly recommend people listen to “The Gospel According to Jesus” 5-part sermon series by John MacArthur: gty.org/library/topical-series-library/170/the-gospel-according-to-jesus

Matthew’s favorite Bible teacher is Ray Vander Laan and his “That the World May Know” series where he takes you on a preaching/teaching tour through Israel and Europe at Biblical sites.

John Piper has biographical sermons on famous Christians for free at (26 sermons at my count): desiringgod.org/biographies

One of the most beautiful/powerful sermons I have ever heard is by Paris Reidhead (1919-1992) found at sermonindex.net: ia800504.us.archive.org/14/items/SERMONINDEX_SID2575/SID2575.mp3
Paris Reidhead website: parisreidheadbibleteachingministries.org/index.html

Bill Mounce (billmonce.com/about) is a Greek expert (He helped teached Matthew Greek through his Greek textbook). He has a site that offers free Bible classes (not just Greek!): biblicaltraining.org