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Recommended Music

Music has had a tremendous impact on many lives. It is truly a gift of grace from God.

Favorite hymns:
-“Here is Love” by William Rees, 1855; William Edwards, 1915, William Williams, 1744 to the tune cymraeg by Robert Lowry, 1876.

-“The Love of God” by Frederick Martin Lehman and Claudia Lehman Mays (1868- 1953)

-“I’d Rather Have Jesus” by Rhea F. Miller (1922) to the tune I’d Rather Have Jesus by George Beverly Shea

-“Immortal, Invisible” by Walter Chalmers Smith, 1867
to the Welsh tune, from John Roberts’s “Caniadau y Cyssegr”, 1839

-“Come Thou Fount” by Robert Robinson (1758) to tune Nettleton (John Wyeth’s Repository of Sacred Music, 1813) [There is a verse that speaks of being “prone to wander” which I do not think SHOULD characterize the heart of a believer, though it may express the heart of those struggling to come to faith/ have faith in God]

-“Just As I Am” by Charlotte Elliot (1789-1871) to the tune Woodworth (William B. Bradbury, 1816-1868)

Keith Green, passionate convert to Christ in the 1970’s era; piano player.

Buddy Green, folkstyle, bluegrass gospel singer. His songs are well-thought out and can tell a story.