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Recommended Books

The Gospel (the good news of how one is “saved”/ made right with God):
The Gospel According to Jesus by John MacArthur

The Gospel Call and True Conversion by Paul Washer

Justification and Regeneration by Charles Leiter

God Has a Wonderful Plan for Your Life by Ray Comfort

Native Americans:
Where White Men Fear to Tread by Russell Means and Marvin J. Wolf, 1995
Though we don’t agree with everything in this book or endorse Russell Means, this is one of the best books on bringing people up to date on the American Indian Movement that began in the 1960’s and understanding modern relations between Native Americans and American culture.

Tahkoo Wahkan: The Gospel Among the Dakotas by Stephen R. Riggs
This is a book by the most Biblical missionary movement in the midwest in the 1800s.

Mary and I: Forty Years Among the Dakota by Stephen R. Riggs

Muddy Waters: An Insider’s View of North American Native Spirituality by Nanci Des Gerlaise
A testimony and offensive book against Native American religion by a Metis Cree Canadian, daughter and grand-daughter of medicine men. She came to Christ after being harassed by evil spirits.

Pastors; Evangelists
D. Martyn Lloyd Jones: The First Forty Years; The Fight of Faith (2 Volumes) by Iain Murray
About Dr. Martyn Lloyd Jones who in his twenties left a lucrative medical career to preach the gospel. Very useful for understanding the history of the Evangelical movement in the 20th century.

In Light of Eternity by Mac Tomlinson [Leonard Ravenhill biography}

Out of My Comfort Zone by Ray Comfort

The Life and Work of D.L. Moody by J. Wilbur Chapman, 1900

Bush Aglow by Richard E. Day [Biography of D.L. Moody]

The Shadow of the Broad Brim by Richard E. Day [Biography of Charles H. Spurgeon]

Rees Howells: Intercessor by Norman Grubb
Account of Rees Howells who founded the Bible College of Wales

George Mueller Men of Faith series, by Basil Miller, published by Bethany House Publishers

Foreign Missions

Hudson Taylor Men of Faith series by J. Hudson Taylor, published by Bethany House Publishers

Shadow of the Almighy by Elisabeth Elliot [Jim Elliot biography]

Through Gates of Splendor by Elisabeth Elliot [Account of 5 missionary martyrs to Ecuador]

From Jerusalem to Irian Jaya by Ruth Tucker

Torches of Joy by John Dekker with Lois Neely

Female Missionary:
Chasing the Dragon by Jackie Pullinger About missionary Jackie Pullinger helping people come to Christ and overcome opium addiction in Hong Kong.

What Are the Odds? by Mike Lindell, 2019 Mike, the “MyPillow” inventor, speaks about his full surrender to Christ and freedom from crack/cocaine. This book is a great insight into the life of an addict and contains humorous stories. Also, it will give people hope. This books contains supernatural occurrences, and Mike’s testimony seems to be genuine.

Chasing the Dragon by Jackie Pullinger mentioned above. Deals with opium in Hong Kong.

Rebel With a Cause by Franklin Graham About Franklin, son of Billy Graham, who comes to Christ after drinking alcohol and comes out of cigarette-addiction.

The Secret Thoughts Of An Unlikely Convert: An English Professor’s Journey into Christian Faith by Rosaria Butterfield

Tortured for Christ by Richard Wurmbrand
Serving as a pastor in Communist Romania

God’s Smuggler by Brother Andrew
Account of the conversion of a Dutch (Holland) soldier who came to Christ and brought Bibles to people behind the Iron Curtain (Communist countries in Eastern Europe)

Hippy-era 1960’s and 70’s
No Compromise: The Life Story of Keith Green by Melody Green and David Hazard
Keith Green’s testimony from hippy to the Lord’s preacher and musician. Great snapshot of the 1970’s American culure, and how God “Broke through”

Jesus Revolution by Greg Laurie
Inspiring testimony of the Jesus Movement during the hippy-era. Humorous testimonies!

World War 2
Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand, Random House LLC: New York: 2014
The story of Louis Zamperini who came to Christ at the 1949 Billy Graham Los Angeles crusade. Louis was an Olympian, POW, and a broken man who needed Jesus.

The Greatest Generation by Tom Brokaw, Random House, Inc. 1998
Book to help you understand your grandparents. Though not a “Christian” book, it is helpful in understanding the times before we were born.

Trapped in Hitler’s Hell by Anita Dittman, Lighthouse Trails Publishing, 2011. Account of a Jewish girl who believed in Jesus and was put in a work camp, and LIVED!

Once An Arafat Man by Tass Saada

Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus by Nabeel Qureshi

Sexual Detox by Tim Challies

Awakening (Revival)- I prefer the title “Awakening”:

Sounds From Heaven by Colin and Mary Peckham

By My Spirit by Jonathan Goforth
Account of Chinese Awakening of the early 20th century

I Saw the Welsh Revival by David Matthews
Account of the 1904/5 Revival in Wales.

Revival by D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

The Hidden Life of Prayer by D.M. McIntyre

Systematic Theology by Wayne Grudem

The Holiness of God by R.C. Sproul

Catholic Evangelism:
Preparing for Eternity by Mike Gendron

The School of Biblical Evangelism by Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort

Calvinism/Reformed Theology:
Still Sovereign, Edited by Thomas Schreiner and Bruce A. Ware

Biblical Manhood/Womanhood
Women in the Church: An Interpretation of 1 Timothy 2:9-15 by Thomas Schreiner

God’s Design for Man and Woman by Andreas and Margaret Kostenberger

Morning and Evening by Charles Spurgeon, updated by Alistair Begg

Think On These Things by Ray Comfort

Defense of the Faith ( Apologetics):
The Case for Christ by Lee Strobel

The New Answers Book, Books 1-3; Edited by Ken Ham and Bodie Hodge

Evidence That Demands a Verdict by Josh and Sean McDowell

Many Infallible Proofs by Dr. Henry Morris and Henry Morris III

Grave Influence by Brannon Howse

Holy Spirit Gifts

Authentic Fire by Dr. Michael Brown

Showing the Spirit by D.A. Carson

Spiritual Gifts by Thomas Schreiner

Strange Fire by John MacArthur

Charismatic Chaos by John MacArthur