Fact-check the "fact-checkers". You have been lied to about vaccines and masks by the media and government. Check out the "100% censored; 0% debunked" movie series: PLANDEMIC . Masks don't work (like flies through a chain-link fence because virus is in nanometer- size) For REAL news, watch FrankSpeech.com, WorldviewWeekend.com, Americasvoice.com, "Stew Peters Network" and "ThriveTimeShow" on Rumble.com, or One America News. Don't be a Nazi. Follow Jesus.

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Homosexuality and Pornography (Freedom From)

Scripture is absolutely clear that homosexuality is a sin (Romans 1; 1 Corinthians 6). God offers freedom!

Purepassion media is a great resource: www.suchweresomeofyou.org and watch the video of over 20 different former LGBTQ members. Starts technical and slow, and builds to high-powered testimony of God’s grace (you could skip to 17.15 mark if you desire…)

“Such Were Some of You. David Kyle Foster; January 2018, Pure Passion Media Youtube

Also, we love the testimony of former lesbian and college professor at Syracuse, Rosaria Butterfield rosariabutterfield.com She has written a book called The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert

Rosaria Butterfield, Ligonier Ministries, YouTube, 2015

And there is the Audacity movie by Living Waters

Living Waters, August 2015 Ray Comfort



Articles by Matthew
For an article written by Matthew called “Millions of Porn-viewers, A Lost Generation, Your Corrupted Grandchildren, and America’s Ruin”, go to jesusiskingmission.com/blog//millions-of-porn-users-a-lost-generation-and-americas-ruin/

Also, Matthew wrote an article on pornographic brainwashing: jesusiskingmission.com/blog/how-hollywood-pornography-brainwashes-children/

“Straight” people can’t get away either (lust and pre-marriage sex are sins as well)

Your Ultimate Need is to be saved from God’s Wrath
Christ sets people free; although people would like to escape the consequences of sexual addiction, the ultimate need is to know Christ and escape the wrath of God in Hell; and experience regeneration/the new birth.

Check out James Jennings at illbehonest.com:

November 2011, I’ll Be Honest, YouTube, James Jennings
There is also Pure Life Ministries

An Article from Probe Ministries:

A book on the issue is Sexual Detox by Tim Challies

How to be Saved
To learn what a true Christian is: watch and listen to the following:

“American Gospel: Christ Alone” (2018) by Transition Studios: americangospelfilm.com

“Hell’s Best Kept Secret” by Ray Comfort of Livingwaters: www.livingwaters.com/hells-best-kept-secret/

the “Shocking Youth Message” (2002) by Paul Washer of Heart Cry: heartcrymissionary.com/sermons/shocking-youth-message/