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Real Revival v. Anti-Christ System “higher consciousness”

I cannot over-state how important, and well done, this Sermon by Brannon Howse, is. He confronts the New-age system promoted by Scott McKay (the foul-mouthed Patriot Street Fighter, who is right about some things). Lots of talk by McKay and other freedom-fighters, like Mikki Willis (Director of the well-done film “Plandemic”, and a generally “nice guy” [but Truth trumps “niceness” any day, of course…]), focuses on reaching a “higher consciousness”, “humanity”, and “love” -so-called (which doesn’t allow for preaching against homosexuality or false religion).

With the coming Anti-Christ system (Revelation 13 and 17), it is important to stay grounded in the Word of God, not people’s made-up “beliefs”.