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Mike Snow Romania 2018

Public Schools- Making “Clever Devils”

By Matthew Monfore April 12, 2021, photo by Mike Snow of www.mikesnow.org

School prayer and Bible reading were outlawed in the 1960s in the United States (quite a story really when you read about what happened: it will leave you thinking “What?”). Now, I don’t regard those things alone as ‘cure-alls’ for America’s ills…God’s Spirit must be glorified and honored…He won’t settle for mere ritual or, action with no “soul”.

I came across a quote attributed to President Theodore Roosevelt: “When you educate a man in mind and not in morals, you educate a menace to society

There is a similar quote I have read by the Duke of Wellington. The point I make, is that to “educate” people without Christ is to make clever devils.

I won’t get into it much here: but what good is computer/information technology if it is used for pornography and internet bullying (think Facebook)? [You can see my articles on the pornography epidemic at jesusiskingmission.com/homosexuality-and-pornography-freedom/]

When you send your child to public school, you send them to be mentored, by and large, by godless individuals who have no regard for the things of God. 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. 40 hrs a week. About 170 hrs. a month. for 9 months a year, which equals about 1,260 hrs/year.

Now someone may argue, “You can learn about God and stuff at home, or at church”. My reply follows. Childhood is a time of preparation. It is a time to mold the minds of young people to impact tomorrow. Reading the Bible and learning about true history, science, and leadership in a Christian context will far exceed the learning and morality of public school students. AND their impact will be far greater.

Are you going to give someone else with a secular view, who isn’t allowed to mention Jesus, 40 HOURS a week, plus homework, and Extra-curriculars (I figure 2 hrs a day of practice and games multiplied by 5-6 days a week would equal about 11 hrs.; plus say an hour or two of homework x 5-6 days a week is another 11 hours, TOTAL comes to about 62 hours a week!!!) When are they going to have time and energy to take secular lies, taught at school, captive (as well as the immoral stuff they learn from other students), read the Bible, evangelize, go to church, and be mentored by their parents (assuming 1 or more is involved)?

Evolution? Ridiculous. Depiction of ‘god’ in a novel, yet no Bible reading? Hypocrisy. Schools living by ‘the golden rule’ and ‘believe in yourself’? With no Jesus, it is damning.

We will give an account of our lives to God for how we used our time and possessions. Much of public school is a waste of time (not saying God can’t use it! He is God!)…it really seems to be babysitting for kids. I figure that a good Christian curriculum could probably accomplish more by the 8th grade than most public schools can in 13 years (17 years if you count those party years that college students seem to cheat their ways through), as far as preparation for living in the world, and not of it, is concerned (John 15:19).