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Sign-Petition Action: STOP SEX-BUTCHERING of South Dakota Kids, Petition to support HB 1080, 2023 Session of South Dakota Legislature

Sign the petition for HB 1080 to save children from transgender madness. Here.

The Bill may come down to the Senate Health and Human Services Committee, where it died last time in 2020.

Senate Committee Members: 7 Total, 6 Republican, 1 Democrat ( 2020 video below)

1.Chair, Erin Tobin, Rep., Winner, SD,  Dist 21, Gregory, Charles Mix, etc. no phone

 [email protected]

2. Vice-Chair Sydney Davis, Rep., Burbank, SD, Dist. 17, Clay, Union, # 605 770 7029

[email protected]

3. Michael Diedrich, Republican, Rapid City, SD, Dist. 34, Pennington # 605 343 0735

[email protected]

4.  Michael Rohl, Rep., Aberdeen, SD, Dist 1, Brown, Day Marshall, etc. no phone [email protected]

5. Tim Reed, Rep., Brookings, SD, Dist 7, Brookings phone 605 691 0452

[email protected]

6. Julie Frye-Mueller, Rep., Rapid City, SD, Dist 30 Custer, Fall River, Pennington, 605 342 2782 [email protected]

7. Shawn Bordeaux, Democrat, Mission, SD, Brule, Todd, Lyman, etc.  [email protected]

Video from Family Heritage Alliance in 2020 Senate Committee:

Very helpful
20 detransitioners

List and article


Abigail Shrier, wrote the book “Irreversible Damage”

Walt, one of the most well-known, detransitioners


Chloe. Another out spoken de transitioner

South Dakota State Legislature. Ban Puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones for minors
HB 1080 https://sdlegislature.gov/Session/Bill/24100

Now in House Health Committee (stay tuned)
CALL the HOUSE page secretary at 605-773-3851

1. Tell them your name, where you are from, and that you want a message copied and handed to give INDIVIDUALLY to each member of the House Health Committee- 13 people total. 

2.Here is a suggested message: “I am in support of HB 1080 to stop puberty blockers for minors. Where do you stand? I want to know before committee vote. Please, call me back. (and leave cell phone number)”

Committee Members (Click on Name in link to get home contact info)

Help not Harm website