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How Movies/ Pornography/Commercial Athletics Brainwash Children

By Matthew Monfore, April 11, 2021 photo courtesy of Mike Snow of mikesnow.org

Athletic movies promote bad messages about sexuality.
My dad played athletics. My brother and I played athletics. Growing up we enjoyed sport movies. A scene sticks out from “Friday Night Lights” (2004, Universal Pictures Home Entertainment, PG-13), a movie I wonder just about every aspiring athlete watched growing up [I was 10 or so at the time; or the 4th grade or so]. In the scene, a main character (a quarterback), is at a house party when he meets a girl. She asks if he is gay. To which, he replies no. And THEN she tells him to prove it…What follows is not explicit, but suggestive that they had sex.

THAT is the mentality that I believe most American males grow up with. Unhealthy? At least! While I did not struggle with homosexuality growing up, I was a late bloomer and had a high voice. I thought I had to watch pornography to prove I wasn’t “gay”…to make me more “manly”. I have never had an official girlfriend (meaning nothing beyond text messages and a date or two in middle/high school, and I am a virgin to this day). Gradually that initial “look”, developed into something more regular until I learned from the Bible that it was wrong.

Also, I remember a sports show (maybe ESPN’s Sports Science) saying something about how sex improved athletic performance. That may have had something to do with my thinking at the time as well (once again, I was maybe elementary or middle school). Want to be a better athlete? Sex will do that! (what a lie). And THESE are the role models? Professional Athletes? (not saying EVERY athlete is like that).

Also, it may have been through Sports Illustrated that we learned about lust. We got the “Kids” version, but it was through maybe an ad in it, or something related (like ESPN) that we kids learned about the “Swimsuit Edition”. Once again, athletes are idolized by children and adults, but some marketer will highjack that to incite lust in people.

Other sport movies that kids may watch, that seem to encourage lust are The Sand Lot, 1993 (The scene where one of the young men lusts after the lifeguard) and Coach Carter 2005 (suggestive material).

Couple that MAINSTREAM influence with locker room talk and you have a perfect storm. Add in a teacher/coach making bad jokes/comments and you have an endemic.

First, people need to be born again through faith in Jesus Christ.
Second, they need to guard themselves and their families.
Third, if possible, push for laws that outlaw sexual material.