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Capitol, Pierre, SD, January 6’ers to Testify Tomorrow, Jan 25, at 7.45 AM House State Affairs Committee

January 6’ers to testify tomorrow, Jan 25, at 7.45 AM House State Affairs Committee, Room 414 at Capitolhttps://sdlegislature.gov/Session/Committee/1166/Agendas

Treniss Evans, a national speaker, will be flying in to testify

He is the founder of https://condemnedusa.org/?page_id=4569

Treniss with Lara Logan at 21mins 54secs. mark at ReAwaken America Tour

The Full Day 1 from Clay Clark’s ReAwaken America Tour


At least a couple South Dakotans who were in DC on that day will be there as well.

Resolution brought by Representative Phil Jensen (Meade, Pennington)House Concurrent Resolution 6006A CONCURRENT RESOLUTION, Encouraging the humane and fair treatment of the January 6 defendants.


Besides the obvious wrongdoing, a lot of people may not know the truth of what else occurred that day and the mistreatment of prisonershttps://www.theepochtimes.com/the-real-story-of-jan-6-documentary_4596670.html


Prisoner Jake Lang on deplorable conditions

Letters from January 6th prisoners book

Book by Jake Lang