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Billy Graham: Admired and the Troubling Statements

By Matthew Monfore on April 11, 2021, photo by Mike Snow of mikesnow.org

Perhaps, No person is more well known for Christianity in the world than Billy Graham.- though that may be changing with the rise of the Millenials and the deaths of the Baby Boomers and Traditionalists.

In his final book, Where I am, 2015 (W Publishing Group, imprint of Thomas Nelson), Billy Graham declared that many people teach lies about Jesus:
“Many people teach today that the blood of Jesus covers all sin, regardless of whether the sinner repents or not. This is Satan’s great lie. Some believe they will automatically walk into Heaven when this earthly life is over because God is love…God is also a God of justice and righteousness. He is not preparing a place in Heaven for unrepentant sinners. While we have contributed nothing to God’s free gift of salvation, there is a condition to possessing it- we must confess our sin, turn from it, and receive Christ on His terms.” (p. XV)

Obviously, Billy believed in repentance, exclusivity, God’ justice, and a correct view of love.

He preached the gospel (good news) and called on people to repent (turn from sins) and believe the gospel (I have read a little book containing Billy Graham’s sermons from Madison Square Garden: and I don’t recall taking issue with it). Also, I have listened to his sermons and not heard anything overtly heretical.

However, it has confused Christians concerning his statements to Robert Schuller about those who do not know the name of Jesus, and his comments on the the salvation of Pope John Paul II to Larry King. We should be aware of the criticism.

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