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02-03-23 Alex Newman hosts Matthew Monfore on “Native BLM” and Senator Frye-Mueller

Alex Newman hosts Matthew Monfore on “Native BLM” and Senator Frye-Mueller

Hi everyone, even if u aren’t religious, the following has huge ramifications for the midwest…and it does affect our legislatures interaction with tribes…
Matthew Monfore on FrankSpeech with Alex Newman (honestly, one of the greatest journalists in America) re: True Missionary work, Native BLM, and Sen. Frye-Mueller.

Clipped, Rumble version, 8 min. 34 secs.

Full video, or Matthew speaks at 21 min.35 sec. mark

Our deepest desire is that Natives /Indians, and “whites”, would come to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

For the non-religious as well, “White” people (and Natives who don’t want to be controlled by an overtly racist group) need to be prepared for the racism of the fake history cult peddled by Russell Means, his murdering AIM group, and the Nick Tilsen gangster group, NDN…(a flood of information will come)

…and for what its worth…i would debate Bruce Whalen (a Conservative candidate for one of South Dakota’s US Senate seats) any day on these topics…(Russell Means was evil…)

Someone pushed back on the Whalen comment…so I wrote the following…

1. Russell Means had a regular podcast on Youtube until he died… and never repented/changed (even wrote a book right before he died that perpetuated his cult that has brought much destruction to the native people)
2. Bruce Whalen publicly defended Russell Means’ “Christianity”
3. Bruce Whalen publicly condemned the truth I, and other Natives believe, (he started it…not me)
4. Bruce has perpetuated the myth that the “government” is to blame for the rez…It is actually the worldview perpetuated by AIM that promotes racism, superstition, and retrogression…) Natives have all the opportunities in the world . They are not oppressed by whites…they are condemned by the world view (there are exceptions to this)
5. I am speaking from first- hand experience..

…and Bruce Whalen told me I was possessed by the devil for calling him out…